S-32 informational

S-32 informational

The touch kiosk combines the elegant shape, compactness and user-friendliness and fits perfectly into any modern style.

It is fitted with a vertical 32-inch touch screen with Full HD or 4K resolution, which is important for displaying the big amounts of information or bright and detailed images.

Beyond this, the screen can sense 32 simultaneous touches, this, in turn, makes it possible to scale the image and use many other exclusive options.

The device can be fitted with a thermal printer, this makes it possible to install the kiosk in libraries, shops, cinemas, hospitals and other institutions where the visitors need to print out tickets.

The SAGA S-32 informational kiosk can be supplied with the pre-installed Windows or Android OS.

Also there is a UPS unit in the device, so in case of power cut the current operation can be completed without losing the data.

Completed with the InforKiosk software, you get the option to arrange:

  • counseling office;
  • products catalogue;
  • virtual exhibition;
  • reference system;
  • and many other solutions.

Field of application of the informational kiosks:

  • banks;
  • public institutions;
  • museums;
  • libraries.

The kiosk can be fitted with a thermal printer for issuing paper receipts and tickets.