18 June 2019

Success means not only the growth of sales, but also products counterfeiting

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In 2016 the SAGA corporation released the S-200 series model range. Our industrial designers and engineers were given a task to create a reliable, high-tech and identifiable product.

The SAGA specialists took into account the UX and UI (User Experience and User Interface) of modern electronic gadgets which became a part of our everyday life 15 years ago. What is crucial for a customer in choosing a product or a service? The producer’s or manufacturer’s brand name as well as convenience and user-friendly interface.

The S-200 model range was endued with these features. Moreover, the modular architecture allowed us to create the devices which can meet different requirements of a client. Consider – the S-200 devices can accept any payment methods (bank cards, cash and coins), print bills and any kind of notes, scan barcodes, QR-codes and passports.

The vandal-proof screen coating and physical protection of all parts, uninterruptible power units, climate control systems, corrosion and salt fog protection – all this makes the S-200 devices suitable for working in tough conditions of modern city, and a wide range of functions allows to offer the client with a unique set of services, this is still unattainable for our competitors.

But the coin has two sides, and the SAGA corporation learnt about its success not only from the sales growth but also from the stepped-up cases of theft of our designs. When the product becomes widely copied and counterfeited this means that this product is really high-quality. Industrial and intellectual espionage is not a pleasant thing, but we have anticipated this reaction of our competitors and prepared ourselves for this turn of events.

The SAGA lawyers successfully protected the intellectual property rights of the company during the last three years – the swindlers were forbidden to advertise and manufacture the counterfeit products and were fined. But the remarkable thing is that in this case the customer suffers the most. The customer gets a low-quality fake item for a price comparable to the original, also the customer faces the problems with maintenance and warranty repair. The information and concept theft is sometimes more dangerous and maleficent than money theft.

At last, this results in that the large business will lose clients. Do you want to visit the bank offices where most of the ATMs are out or service and there is a long queue? Are you going to visit the cinema where there is a wrangle near the ticket window for the last tickets to a popular film, and the ticketing machine collects dust? It is no surprise that the client sooner or later is going to employ the SAGA services, after paying twice or thrice to rogue suppliers in an attempt to save money.

Any big deal means that development requires the most efficient technological and financial solutions – our company always suggests an elegant way to solve any complicated problem. Beware of imitations and choose the most efficient way to develop your business – cooperate with SAGA!

Source: The SAGA corporation press relations service

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