15 October 2020

Keywest Technology introduces transparent film that disinfects surfaces


Keywest Technology has introduced a transparent film, NanoShield, that adheres to surfaces and self-disinfects in less than 15 minutes.

NanoShield uses copper nanotechnology to reduce viruses and bacteria by more than 99.99% on digital signage, surfaces and kiosk touchscreens in places such as schools, universities, healthcare facilities, airports, retail spaces, entertainment venues and more, according to a press release. This antimicrobial film is independent lab verified to be effective against coronavirus, influenza, norovirus, staphylococcus and e.coli, lasting for 12 months.

The cost of cleaning supplies has been increasing due to demand, in addition to the man hours required for cleaning will increase budgets, especially when calculated over the course of the pandemic. NanoShield's disinfecting technology reduces the quantity of supplies and the time needed to follow cleaning protocols, making it a cost-efficient alternative.

«With the pandemic facing us, industry experts are exploring viable solutions to interactive signage. Our society, and our customers, have adopted our technology to help create high-quality, intuitive, efficient operations,» Koytt Nichols, president of Keywest Technology, said in the release. «From schools or healthcare facilities who share laptops or tablets to hotels or airports who have automated check-in kiosks – NanoShield can keep operations in place, while keeping end users safe.»

NanoShield produces electrically charged copper ions that attach to viruses and bacteria altering their structure, stopping the way they work.

The transparent film is backed with a silicon adhesive that leaves no residue behind. NanoShield is available in rolls 50μ, 100μ, and 188µ thick and 1 meter wide. It is also available in custom cut sizes.

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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