The SAGA companies group

The SAGA companies group

The SAGA companies group *) is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and software solutions in the sphere of self-service devices in Russia and CIS countries.

The company started its business from the ground up in the beginning of 2000s from manufacturing of the payment terminals. Now SAGA is a full-service holding company which is able to resolve the client’s tasks in the sphere of engineering, manufacturing and implementation of the software and hardware self-service systems of any degree of complexity.

What do we mean by full-service? While choosing the strategic profile we looked to the experience of the largest global brand in the field of automation and integration, such as IBM, Cisco, Siemens, Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle. This means that, unlike the most of major Russian systems integrators which adapt and implement non-owned solutions and products (generally, of the foreign companies, including the mentioned), we offer the IT-solutions based on the self-developed equipment. For example, when installing the queuing system, our personnel install the system which incorporates our own software and a ticket-issuing touch kiosk of own design, with an own-produced metal case.

The core of the SAGA group is the SAGA Technologies JSC, which manufactures and merchandises the self-service products. It comprises the informational and touch kiosks, payment terminals, informational terminals, contract terminals, vending machines, ticket machines, parking terminals, ATM, «cash e-tellers», queuing systems etc. Our capabilities provide us the opportunity to product exclusive small-scale machines as well as big batches of standard devices up to several hundred a month. At the customer’s option the equipment will have the required characteristics in functions, styling, tamper- and vandal-resistance, housing material (metal, plastic, glass, stainless steel), painting method and housing colour.

The SAGA companies group, has its own programming staff which are able to solve complex tasks in the sphere of self-service devices, processing and payment systems, banking software. This division takes part in creating ready-to-operate complex solutions. We have developed a range of exclusive software products in the Russian software market, and we enjoy the rights for them.

The main and the most progressing profile of the SAGA companies group is service and technical maintenance of our equipment, as well as installation, adjusting and control of utilities and systems including the queuing systems, access monitoring and control systems, low current circuits, video surveillance, fire and security alarm systems. The SAGA Service LLC has a highly professional engineering, assembling and service staff which has wide and broad experience.

The strategic profiles of the company are the manufacturing of the banking payment equipment and supply of the IT-solutions to public institutions within the framework of the computerization of the society programmes. The software and hardware solutions in the field of self-service by the SAGA companies group are well-known in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and Latin America. Our payment, informational and vending equipment gave a good account of itself at the Sochi Winter Games 2014.

The core capability and the major competitive advantage of the SAGA companies group are the long term direct contacts with the largest producers of the components for the self-service devices. This helps to improve the quality of the items used in assembling of our equipment, to enable regular deliveries, to take part in the development and testing of the new devices created by the largest worldwide manufacturers. The SAGA companies group has been acknowledged with a number of awards and privileges from worldwide vendors. We have received the status of silver Microsoft partner first of all the Russian manufacturing companies. Also SAGA is the only platinum partner of ASUS in the Russian market.

*) The SAGA abbreviation stands for «System Automation and Global Access». This acronym represents the idea and strategy of our business – to facilitate progress by means of implementation of informational technologies (automation), enhancing comfort of everyday life by increasing the level of the society’s informational support.