The SAGA Corporation

The SAGA Corporation

Joint Stock Company SAGA Technologies is a Russian manufacturer and vendor of high-tech equipment and IT solutions in the field of self-service systems.

The company was founded in March 2006, and its head office is located in Moscow.

For many years, SAGA Technologies has been one of the recognized leaders of the banking and fintech equipment market both in Russia and in the CIS countries.

The company produces ATMs, automatic deposit machines, payment and information terminals, self-service cash desks, electronic queue systems, ticket machines – a total of more than 700 models and modifications of various devices.

Its priority areas of activity also include software and hardware solutions for transport infrastructure, software for payment systems, IT consulting, distribution of components for self-service devices and equipment maintenance.

SAGA* is a full-cycle production company and has facilities in Moscow and the Moscow region, equipped with a new fleet of machines for working with steel, aluminum and plastic.

In addition, SAGA Technologies has a professional team of engineers, industrial designers, developers, programmers, mathematicians, technologists, methodologists and analysts. SAGA’s key competence is the ability of its specialists to solve complex and non-standard tasks in a short time.

From 2006 to 2013, our company went from an idea to one of the leaders of the Russian market of banking and fintech equipment. Inspired by the successes in the highly competitive banking market, the founders of SAGA Technologies decided to apply their accumulated experience in new niches. So, in 2014, as part of the new development strategy, the formation of SAGA Corporation began.

SAGA Corporation’s reference points are real import substitution, innovation, fintech, and experimental design developments.

Today, our corporation includes, in addition to its core business in the field of self-service equipment, several Russian legal entities and a number of investment projects for the production of high-tech products as part of the import substitution programs.

Many of these projects have been launched into industrial production, and some have no analogues in Russia and/or have the maximum degree of local content of production among competitors.

The main directions and products of SAGA Corporation are:

  • six-axis industrial robot manipulators with proprietary software,
  • conveyors for separating the flow of products,
  • equipment for marking of goods,
  • industrial touch mini-monoblocks,
  • charging stations for electric vehicles,
  • four-axis training robot manipulators with proprietary software,
  • projectors and other interactive training equipment.

*) SAGA stands for System Automation and Global Access. This acronym fully conveys the philosophy and strategy of our company – promoting progress through the introduction of information technology (automation), increasing the comfortability of people’s daily lives by increasing the level of informatization of society.