Video surveillance system

Video surveillance system

VSN Nowadays the CCTV is an integral part of the security system at practically any enterprise.

The technologies used enable to solve practically any tasks that increase the security level, in premises of different profile (banks, commercial premises, warehouses, residential houses), as well as in open spaces (car parkings, secured areas etc.).

For securing of the open spaces, such as car parkings, the video surveillance system is provided. Combined with special software modules it can detect and trace the car registration plates, exercise control over the staff relocation and complete other tasks.

The video information coming from all the cameras enable to form the image of the current events, which is necessary for prevention and timely reaction to emergency cases, for crime investigation and analysis of different accidents.

The closed circuit television systems usually consist of the following main items: video surveillance cameras (analog, IP), video recorder (video server), and display for data representation.

VSNA special device or a personal computer with specially adjusted software can be used as a video recorder.

The video surveillance systems can be integrated with the fire and/or security alarm, with AMCS systems at customer’s option. For example, the integration with the fire alarm system provides an opportunity to trace the source of smoke, the integration with the security system – infiltration of the trespasser into the secured areas. This, in turn, helps to react more urgently to the situation.

Our company performs the assembling and further maintenance of any security closed circuit television systems.

The assembling will be performed subject to all conditions and terms of reference. We choose only the best equipment according to the set tasks and to the client’s budget. Our specialists will prepare the project and perform the assembling of the equipment according to your wishes and the object’s technical requirements. We have a variety of implemented box solutions which we are ready to demonstrate you.