Queuing system


The SAGA queuing system
version 4.0

The SAGA queuing systemThe SAGA group presents a box solution for banking and financial institutions wishing to install the queuing system in their centers. The software and hardware solution of the SAGA Queuing system includes the supply and installation of the required equipment as well as the adjustment of the software at the personnel’s workplaces.

The concept of working with the queuing device is as easy as possible and requires only the basic computer knowledge. For example, the invitation of the following client is performed by pressing just one key. The system deals with the announcement of the client and informing him to which window he or she should go.

On the other side, to reserve a place in a queue, the client should go to the SAGA electronic terminal (tag machine) and choose the required service. The terminal will print the tag containing the client’s individual number. At the time of invitation, the sound announcement will be made and the individual number and the window number will be indicated on the informational display.

The SAGA Queuing system provides enhanced functionality in comparison with standard systems:

  • creating a complex service tree with deep inclusion;
  • clusterization of services by profiles;
  • assignment of profiles to different windows and creating of window groups;
  • ability to redirect clients between windows or groups of windows;
  • redirection to special waitlist if the client left or missed the queue;
  • change of the chosen service by client’s request and recall of client;
  • an operator can look through the full queue list to his window and call any client out of turn.

One of the special functions of the SAGA Queuing System Software and Hardware Complex is the «ON-LINE change of client stream routing». This function enables the director (or other responsible person) of the office where the system is installed, to redirect the client streams in real time, using the intuitive interface without restarting the system or pausing the work of the personnel.

Each employee has his own account for entering into the queuing system, this enables the collection of statistic data for each employee individually and not only by workplaces. Also an individual list of services is assigned to each employee.

All the called clients are depicted on the informational displays which can be installed in various places. Besides the depiction of the called clients and audio announcement, there is an option to show advertisements and/or slides on the other half of the screen, as well as the running letters in the lower or higher part of the screen.

The SAGA queuing system

A special statistical estimating package is supplied for analysis of the queue operation results. This package creates reports in form of table. There are options to adjust the report forms and time periods, to save templates for later use and to export the data to external formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, CSV.

The basic set of the SAGA Queuing System:

  • SAGA Informational touch-sensitive terminal (tag machine);
  • display board;
  • interface cable for the display board;
  • display board bracket;
  • video signal splitter;
  • software for the queuing system server, consisting of the core and the database;
  • software for the announcement unit;
  • software for the queue operator’s virtual control desk;
  • software for the client’s registration desk;
  • software for the administrator’s local automated workplace.

Additional packages of the SAGA Queuing System Hardware and Software Complex:

  • software for the network analytical package for collection, processing, analysis and exporting of statistical data. It enables access to several queues (it is installed in the central office and enables access to the statistical data from all departments and offices);
  • software for the network automated administrator’s workplace. It provides control over several queues (it is installed in the central office and provides control over all queuing systems installed in different offices and integrated into a single system).

Interface branding is performed as part of the first delivery of the SAGA Queuing System Software and Hardware Complex.

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