Solution for parking complexes


SAGA ParkingThe SAGA companies group presents the SAGA Parking – the complex solution for arrangement and functioning of the large car parkings, without which rail terminals, airports and shopping malls are inconceivable, as well as office buildings, apartment houses and big city blocks.

It is not important where the parking is situated or is it underground or surface multistage parking, is it intended for long-term or short-term car storage, is it built near a big office center or for the habitants of the residential district. The issues that the holder has to solve are always the same – estimation and accounting of the pass capacity of the complex, the expected parking time, design of different tariffing options, equipping of the exits and entrances with necessary infrastructure, from access barriers to payment points.

And even if the parking is free, it is better to get the information about its availability automatically, ON-LINE, because this simplifies the management significantly.

The SAGA companies group offers the complex solution for the automation of the parking space. Our engineers will calculate the pass capacity of the parking, prepare the project of the necessary infrastructure and communications, perform the construction, assembling and pre-commissioning works. The programmers of the SAGA companies group will adapt the software of the automatic parking control complex for specific applications.

The start of the system will mean the excellent work of the object, which includes the automatic access barriers on exits and entrances, the monitoring system, payment points based on self-service devices by the SAGA companies group, the server node enabling the parking time tracking and various tariffing options.

The SAGA Parking complex of works, equipment and software is a key-ready automation of your parking space.

The standard package of the complex:

  • the server node enabling the billing and parking time tracking;
  • the tower and the access barrier for the entrance assembly (depends on the number of entrances);
  • automatic cash desk for parking payment (the amount is calculated while designing);
  • the tower and the access barrier for the exit assembly (depends on the number of exits);
  • monitoring system.

Optional features of the complex:

  • system enabling the tracking of the number of vacant spaces for each parking zone;
  • LED «vacant/occupied» semaphores above each parking place (green/red);
  • mobile application for parking payment.
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