Transportation solution


The SAGA Highway software and hardware complex is a system of levies collection on toll roads. The SAGA self-service devices are well known in the market and widely presented in the banking and financial segments in a form of payment terminals, self-service cash desks, informational and ticketing kiosks. They gained an excellent reputation from the position of reliability in different conditions of use.

This factor is essential in the transport sphere, where the uninterruptible passing of cars is in the lead. That’s why the SAGA companies group has developed the SAGA Highway complex with special requirements to the stability of the operation.

The SAGA Highway software and hardware complex is a box solution which includes:

  • specially developed highly reliable terminals for collection of levies with the installed software. These terminals receive payments in cash (with change in coins or banknotes), by card and enable the pass by an «access card»;
  • terminal of payment verification if the verification is provided at the exit of the toll road;
  • module of integration with the billing system of tariffing and payment tracking;
  • system operation monitoring server.

The SAGA Highway solution is a proprietary design of the SAGA companies group, the Russian product produced with due consideration of operation in our country.

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