Ticketing solution


SAGA transport ticketsWhat is ticketing solution?

The answer to this question is versatile:

  • it integrates in itself hardware and software;
  • it covers practically all the fields of a person’s activities in the modern world.

The ticketing solutions are used in:

  • in all means of transport;
  • in hotel business;
  • in restaurants and cafes;
  • in aqua parks;
  • at ski resorts;
  • at cinemas;
  • in billiard clubs;
  • in many other spheres.

The SAGA transport tickets software and hardware complex is developed for the complex solution of the issue of tickets sale and verification.

The SAGA transport tickets complex allows:

  • to ensure the formation and listing;
  • to sell tickets automatically using the SAGA ticket machines;
  • to sell the tickets via the internet site;
  • to sell the tickets via a cash desk;
  • to verify the validity of the tickets when boarding to transport;
  • to analyse the statistic data.


The SAGA companies group specialists in cooperation with partners (UCS, DataKrat and others) developed the software and hardware complex for automatic tickets sale for the industrial companies and entertainment business on the basis of the SAGA ticketing machines.

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