InforKiosk system


InforKiosk is a fully adjustable software and hardware solution on the basis of the SAGA informational kiosks. It provides to users means to get a secure and reliable access to the Internet, local help desks and reporting systems, as well as to presentations.

InforKiosk: support of the on-screen keyboard and the vandal-resistant keyboard for entering information.

InforKiosk: for quick transitions it supports the menu of quick transitions.


Application options:

  • Inforkioskexhibitions (reference and information systems for the exhibitions);
  • PC-cafes;
  • hotels and public houses (reference and information systems for local services and places of interest);
  • libraries (books catalogue, announcements);
  • state institutions (securing the information being entered by the user);

Main features of the InforKiosk system:

  • flexible setup of access to various Internet resources (black and white lists);
  • adjustable quick access menu (favorites);
  • On-Screen keyboard (securing of the information input);
  • secure and reliable internet-surfing.

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