The SAGA companies group strives to carry on its everyday business in line with the long-term strategy of company development adopted by the Board of Directors.

We haven’t pursued the goal of short-term gain since the very beginning. We are oriented at the long-term progressive business growth, building of long-term mutually profitable relationship with clients and partners, increase of quantity and quality of services and products.

The strategic profile is indissolubly tied to our competence and our conception of business projects. The senior executives of our company have a long and successful working experience in the field of the IT-business (systems integration, payment systems, design and development works), as well as in the field of the financial market (investment banking, venture investment and portfolio investment).

We are focused on the openness and transparency of the business when working with clients, partners and prospective investors. Our goal is to secure a high foothold in the Russian payment equipment market and to become a leader in the Russian IT-services and systems integration market, developing a solid reputation of a reliable partner all over the world.