Solution for encashment automation


Solution for encashment automation (ADM)

Solution for encashment automationLook on usual things in a new way. A box solution from the SAGA companies group, the SAGA bill collector, changes the idea of traditional encashment. Surrender the proceeds in any convenient time without leaving the office or the salesroom. Store the proceeds in the automatic depository machine of the 1st protection class. Enjoy the privilege of ON-LINE credit of funds to the bank account. Forget about the need to match with the schedule of the encashment service. The physical retrieval of cash can be performed in any time that is convenient for the bank, and you do not take part in it. The cash messengers will thank you, there would be no more need for them to match their schedule with the endings of cashiers’ shifts.

The solution is particularly topical for big cities where the complex traffic situation complicates the timekeeping of the encashment service, leading to delays of cash retrieval and bank clients’ disturbance. However, the automation of encashment is not just a new dawn in this domain. In virtue of user-friendliness and optimization of various aspects, from cash messengers’ routes to cash counting and keeping, this is an evident and very close future.

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Principle diagram of the SAGA bill collector operation:

  • the cashier while surrendering the proceeds, lodges cash into the automatic depository machine (ADM);
  • the cash messengers arrive to retrieve the cash in any time they find convenient.

Advantages for the banks’ clients:

  • On-Line crediting of the cash lodged into the ADM;
  • cost reduction for cash counting, keeping and submitting to the encashment service.

Advantages for the bank:

  • advance information about the amount of cash at the point;
  • cash messengers’ routes optimization;
  • delivery of additional paid and reputational services to the client, such as the On-Line crediting to the account.

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