Self-checkout desks


The SAGA Companies group presents a new solution in the domain of automation of booking halls of retail trading enterprises. The electronic teller by the SAGA Company is a hardware and software complex designed by national engineers, its architecture is adjusted for integration with other electronic systems of the retail enterprise.

Nowadays the automatic self-checkout desks can be seen in supermarkets and hypermarkets more and more often, and even in district shops in walking distance. Customers are more and more confident about them. The advantages of the electronic teller are obvious: one and the same area can be used for installation of more self-service devices, and this increases the capacity of the booking hall, eliminating the issue with queues. The routine work with the automatic systems is mainly limited to helping the customers, the cash desk network can be serviced by one assistant. The human factor is eliminated completely from cash operations. The automatic proceeds counting in each device (or in a complex as a whole in case of their incorporation into the automated control system) and cash storage in cassettes make encashment easier. And finally, these devices transform the cash desk area, in line with the requests of modern age.

All solutions in the domain of retail trade automation were provided by foreign manufacturers down to recent times. Generally, they consider ready modular systems, which needed modification and adaptation to the terms of the Russian retail trade and to the particular customer’s requests. The systems produced by the Western companies, developed with regard to the client’s individual requests were significantly expensive.

The software and hardware solution for the automation of booking halls by the SAGA companies group is the first entirely national product represented in the market for the moment. The engineering office of the SAGA companies group considered the experience of the use of similar devices of foreign manufacture as well as the tendencies of the development of automation means in this field.

The self-service device has modern design and functionality, it is fitted with the barcode scanner, cash receiver and dispenser (sheet by sheet or in a pseudo-bundle), coin receiver and dispenser (coin by coin or by handful), cheque printer, system of product weight checking. The devices perform operations with cash and banking cards, and all the functions are united in a single vandal-resistant case, without remote consoles, this reduces the risk of intentional or unintentional damage and the resulting outage to the maximum extent.

The package, construction details and the functions of the «tellers» by the SAGA companies group could be changed in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Our engineering bureau can incorporate the necessary changes and the manufacturing lines of the holding will produce the needed number of the devices of exclusive design.

The pre-installed software, along with the other products, is the SAGA companies group’s fully own product. This intuitive interface of the self-service devices, developed by the Russian specialists with due regard to the preferences of the Russian customers. But this system is open for integration with other electronic systems of the commercial enterprise, it is created with allowances made for the problems of compatibility of foreign equipment.

The advantages of the retail enterprises automation systems by SAGA companies group:

  • Reliability. The SAGA companies group supplies the self-service devices for the banking sector of the economy over the period of two decades, and is the first developer and manufacturer of the entirely national automatic teller machines. The holding’s frame of reference includes the automation means for the commercial companies and public institutions, marketing of the queuing systems, production of the informational and ticketing kiosks and a wide range of other devices. The equipment by SAGA companies group was used during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.
  • Openness for integration. The architecture of the software and hardware complexes, well-proven in various fields, including financial markets.
  • Entirely national development and manufacturing. Which implies, among other things, an expanded program of support and maintenance service – in walking distance.

The software and hardware solution by the SAGA companies group is an important step in the field of import phaseout and a truly new dawn in the matters of retailing automation.

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