Solutions for education


Solutions for education The SAGA Technologies company provides full implementation of educational and laboratory equipment:

  • general school equipment;
  • equipment for subject rooms;
  • equipment for the arrangement of the non-school activities and additional training, including the science and research activity, academic, research and project activities.

Each block includes technical educational means, laboratory outfit, graphic means of education and informational and tutorial teacher’s support.

The information and communication technologies are the essential part of the modern educational institution. The information and communication technologies (ICT) are the aggregation of the hardware and software. The software includes not only the operating system, package of programs necessary for the correct operation of hardware, but also the application-dependent software as additional, which is not essential but enabling to increase the basic capacities of the equipment and creates additional convenience in working with hardware.

General school equipment

Solutions for education The SAGA Technologies company provides modern multi-purpose equipment which can be used in different school subjects and in the sphere of administration as well as in various scientific, informational, communicational and other projects (Engineering classes, Medical classes, Additional training).

These are the ICT means enabling to collect, store and process the information as well as to present, distribute and control it. These are the packages of fixed and mobile equipment, arranged in a form of mobile multi-functional computer classes, automated subject teachers’ workplaces.

The designated teacher’s software and hardware complex is an integrated part of the informational and educational environment of the educational institution and includes: the personal computer or a laptop, interactive equipment (interactive whiteboard, multimedia projector, document-camera, equipment for testing of the students’ knowledge, copying and multiplying equipment, other equipment and software).

The designated student’s software and hardware complex includes the personal computer or a laptop, digital equipment and software.

Laboratory and demonstration equipment

Solutions for education The SAGA Technologies company, a manufacturer of the laboratory and demonstrational equipment, is a partner of the leading European manufacturers of the educational equipment (PHYWE, Lucas-Nuelle, LeXsolar, NTL). We offer the equipment of the European quality level. The equipment kits include the digital laboratory, educational kits and educational equipment for mastering skills and activities, designing and developing. The educational digital laboratory includes a package of digital measuring devices for performing natural science experiments, a digital microscope, a set of laboratory devices and tools, microsections, enabling to perform the experiments, observations, tests correctly with the use of digital laboratory educational equipment. The educational equipment for the mastering of skills and activities, designing and developing is presented by a line of designing kits, robotics, simulators created for modeling, technical creativity and project activities, mastering of practical skills.

The SAGA Technologies company provides the equipment packages from the authorized educational means list according to the Order No. 336 dd. 30.03.2016 of the Ministry of Science of the Russian Federation.

Technical educational means (teacher’s and student’s workplaces):

  • computer hardware: personal computers and laptops, specialized school laptops, netbooks, tablet PC, server racks and communication equipment;
  • interactive equipment: interactive table-drawing board (mobile version), standard interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, viewing screens, flipboards, interactive tables, systems of interactive electronic voting based on the voting remote control units, interactive tablets, document cameras;
  • server equipment;
  • systems of entry and alimentation control;
  • video meeting systems;
  • equipment for assembly halls and sports halls.

Solutions for education

The demonstrational equipment and devices for room and laboratory:

  • specialized educational kits for the demonstration of natural science experiments on magnets in vertical plane;
  • demonstrational devices.

Laboratory and technical equipment and devices for room and laboratory:

  • equipment for natural science rooms, digital laboratories for various disciplines: chemistry, physics, biology, natural science;
  • multi-purpose laboratory kits for physics topics: mechanical science, physics of heat, electrodynamics, optics;
  • multi-purpose laboratory kits for chemistry topics;
  • multi-purpose laboratory kits for biology;
  • state Final Examination and Unified Final Examination kits;
  • chemical glassware kits;
  • measuring devices;
  • unique equipment designed for laboratory researches in particular topics of the subject.

Solutions for education

Equipment for project activities:

  • laboratory facilities for learning, practical and project activities in natural science.

Specialized furniture and storage systems:

  • suspension systems with supply of electricity, different gases, vacuum, water, low voltage communications for natural science rooms in schools and university laboratories, island tables, anti-vibration tables, mobile trays for the subjects of natural science.

The equipment is supplied with guidance materials with in-depth methodical elaboration in consistence with national standards and programs. The SAGA Technologies company performs assembly, installation and warranty maintenance.

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