2 April 2024

University of Arkansas partners with Nestlé on pizza vending machine


A University of Arkansas student innovation team has partnered with Nestlé to bring a trademarked DiGiorno hot pizza kiosk to one of its dining halls, according to a university website post.

The three-month pilot between the McMillon Innovation Studio students and the food company provides two types of pizza – pepperoni and cheese. The pizzas come in 10-inch thin-crust versions and cost about $11. The pizzas cook in seven minutes and are delivered in a take-out box. A pizza cutter is provided.

«It's a very cool thing to try,» Braeden Calvert, project team leader, told the university news outlet. «I'm excited to start getting some data on customer satisfaction (and) how well they like the pizza.»

This is not Nestlé's first foray into the kiosk world. The brand has tested kiosks at its campus in Ohio and at a Walmart in Colorado.

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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