16 April 2024

ItsaCheckmate introduces restaurant kiosk solution


ItsaCheckmate has introduced a customizable restaurant kiosk solution designed to resolve common user experience issues and brand limitations of its predecessors, according to a press release.

ItsaCheckmate's new custom kiosks' key benefits include precision branding to maintain brand consistency across all customer touchpoints, advanced menu customization that allows for more specific customer preferences and selections and more revenue opportunities designed to boost order values and improve conversion rates.

The solution also allows for seamless integration including a range of hardware configurations and compatibility with existing POS systems. ItsaCheckmate's dedicated support and inclusive pricing accommodate businesses of all sizes and offers continuous support.

«This isn't just about technology,» JC Harrington, ItsaCheckmate's VP of direct ordering, said in a press release. «Our kiosk solution lets each brand's unique visual identity shine through at every interaction with the ability to customize the experience and drive repeat business.»

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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