19 June 2024

Philly suburb gets health kiosks offering free tests, supplies, 24/7 access


Delaware County, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, will soon install multiple automated health care kiosks, according to a WHYY report. Delaware County Health Department will place the kiosks at a local wellness center, government center and shopping center.

The kiosks will dispense diagnostic tests for free and provide results for common illnesses such as RSV, flu A/B, COVID-19, STDs and HIV to Delaware County residents. Additionally, the kiosks will offer naloxone, drug supply test strips, first aid kits, condoms and feminine hygiene products.

«We're going to be able to vary the content based on need and demand – and all this is going to be freely available to Delaware County residents,» Lora Werner, deputy director of the Delaware County health department, told the news outlet. «People really like the fact that they can come up to it at any time. You're not restricted to the operating hours of the clinic or the pharmacy.»

The kiosks utilize a four-step process. First, a user must register online or on the kiosk's touch screen interface. Second, once registration is completed, the kiosk dispenses the test or health care product. Users can choose to take the test at the kiosk or at home. Third, once the test is finished, users scan the QR code on the back of the test package to open the specimen deposit slot and send it in; they can also mail in their specimen. Fourth, patients will receive an email or text with their test results within 24-48 hours.

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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