13 January 2020

CompoSecure sees surge in metal card demand


CompoSecure, a provider of premium financial payments cards, reported strong growth in 2019 as well as a potential surge in 2020, amid increased market demand for metal cards and dual interface EMV and contactless metal cards.

Metal cards are preferred by high-end credit card customers and are better suited for use in contactless cards, where customers tap-and-pay at NFC terminals, rather than swipe using magnetic stripe readers, according to a company press release.

«We are in the midst of an ideal situation with consumer demand rising, new markets opening up and a premium high-quality product outperforming expectations,» Jon Wilk, CEO of CompoSecure, said in the release. «As much as we are happy about our success last year, we expect demand this year for metal cards to be even stronger, because the rate of adoption and global awareness is growing exponentially.»

Source: ATM Marketplace

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