6 April 2021

Grubbrr teams with Frank Mayer on contactless smart lockers


Grubbrr, a commerce automation company, has teamed with Frank Mayer and Associates Inc. to provide restaurants and other retailers with contactless smart lockers to ensure success in a post-COVID world, according to a press release.

Software-issued alerts and codes indicate order availability and grant only each customer access to their designated lockers, guaranteeing the food security that delivery methods are unable to provide. Two-sided cubicles also allow employees and customers to load and unload lockers without touching the same surfaces.

«The combination of Grubbrr's innovative software and Frank Mayer's best-in-class design is a powerful solution that operates on a customer's schedule and prioritizes their safety above all else,» Grubbrr CEO Sam Zietz said in the press release. «These traits make our Smart Lockers a no-brainer investment for any establishment looking to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines without disrupting workflow.»

«Smart lockers not only offer a safe and contactless experience, but also enhance the customer journey with convenience and easy pickup,» said Mike Mayer, president of Frank Mayer and Associates Inc. «This technology will change the future of the QSR industry as well as other verticals that can capitalize on a locker system's many benefits.»

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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