23 November 2021

UAE c-store introduces autonomous checkout technology


Adnoc Distribution, the UAE's largest fuel convenience retailer, has launched a fully autonomous, contactless and cashierless Adnoc Oasis store, according to a press release.

Unlike other self-service terminals in retail outlets, there's no need to scan items. Customers only need to tap in with a bank card, Emirates ID, or scan the QR code, pick up the items they need and then simply walk out. Payment is taken after the customer leaves the store, either through the app or the bank card used to enter the store, with all details of purchase stored in the app or through an e-receipt.

Every shelf in the store is equipped with an electronic LED screen that digitally displays the price as well as any current promotions. Offers and promotions will also be added and updated in real time, with prices adjusted accordingly ensuring customers get the best deals as they become available.

Where previous technology has used cameras to track customers throughout the store, the Adnoc Oasis also utilizes weight sensors on shelves, enabling both camera and weight sensing information to more accurately track the customers' shopping and ensure optimal accuracy and speed for the generated customer basket.

Customers will also be able to shop as a family using a single QR code for entry. Once family members have scanned the code and entered the store, they'll be tracked as a group and all items taken from the shelves by anyone in the group will be added to a single virtual basket.

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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