22 November 2022

NCR expands partnership with Santander for ATMs


NCR Corp. has expanded its partnership with Santander UK to provide its ATM as a service to run Santander's network of more than 1,700 ATMs in the U.K. NCR will handle the ATM software, transaction processing, cash management, monitoring, help desk, maintenance and more, according to a press release.

«We've enjoyed a history of success working collaboratively with NCR, and we trust its ability to run our self-service network,» Kirsty Lacey, COO Everyday Banking at Santander, said in the release. «Moving to NCR ATM as a Service will enable us to offer customers a better self-service banking experience, including greater ATM availability to serve them when and where they choose. It will also simplify our operations and provide a more sustainable service for the bank. We are pleased to work with a strategic partner like NCR and know it will deliver an exceptional experience for our customers and our team.»

«Leading organizations like Santander have recognized the significant value in outsourcing the self-service channel. By relying on a trusted partner, financial institutions can further enhance customer service and accelerate innovation, with reduced cost and complexity,» Frank Hauck, president and general manager, NCR Banking, said in the release. «With NCR ATM as a Service, Santander is transforming its business to deliver richer experiences to its customers and create a compelling competitive advantage.»

Source: ATM Marketplace

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