30 November 2022

Acoustic emission method at the forefront of safety


Engineers of the SAGA Corporation have developed the only AE monitoring system in Russia (AE - acoustic emission) with digital signal transmission, which allows to continuously monitor the condition of hazardous engineering and production facilities.

At the moment, our company is the largest manufacturer of equipment and supplier of software for AE monitoring systems in the Russian Federation. In addition, SAGA Corporation has a unique experience in continuous AE monitoring of bridges and tunnels.

The use of AE monitoring extends the service life of facilities for decades, while minimizing the number of planned shutdowns of enterprises and reducing the huge costs of repair work. This system is completely autonomous and allows to monitor the object in real time over its entire area, register the smallest defects in the early stages and the dynamics of their changes in time, plan measures to eliminate them in a timely manner.

AE monitoring helps to perform monitoring at a distance, for example, sensors are installed on long pipelines, bridges or tunnels, and is also effective during the work at hazardous facilities where permanent human work is impossible and extreme temperatures, strong noise, radiation, high seismicity, etc. are present.

The use of digital technology protects the signal from distortion, mechanical and electromagnetic interference, and makes it possible to accurately determine the coordinates of problem areas.

Due to the high sensitivity of the devices, this system can be used to control objects made of any materials – concrete, metal, plastic, wood, etc. Thus, AE monitoring is relevant not only for modern equipment, transport or industrial facilities, but also for facilities whose period of operation is more than 50 years.

It should be noted that in the future, several years are expected to legalize the possibility of abandoning planned works in case of usage of continuous monitoring systems. However, the Federal Service for Environmental Technological and Nuclear Supervision is already practicing issuing such permits.

Areas of application of AE complexes:

  • bridges, tunnels, overpasses and other engineering structures in transport construction,
  • railway engineering infrastructure facilities,
  • nuclear power and thermal power,
  • aerospace projects,
  • chemical industry,
  • oil and gas industry,
  • metallurgical plants and metal rolling enterprises.

For information:

At the moment of deformation of a solid (material) under load (in a state of stress), elastic vibrations are generated and propagated. Registration of this phenomenon has become the basis of acoustic emission monitoring, designed to detect the slightest defects and the process of their change.

Acoustic emission is a passive method of non-destructive continuous monitoring, which allows to quickly get a complete picture of the condition of the facility and register changes in defects even in 1 micron. The main purpose of this method is not only the static detection of cracks, fractures, delaminations, corrosion processes, etc., but also tracking the extremely dangerous dynamics of their changes.

The detection of micro-deformations at early stages and further monitoring of facilities allow to quickly assess the risks of their operation, as well as the proximity of destruction.

Source: The SAGA Corporation press relations service

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