21 February 2023

A new robot model has been developed


SAGA Corporation has always strived to develop in several directions. One of these is the automation of industrial production. At the end of 2022, a prototype of the SRD-02 delta robot was created and its testing began. The delta robot differs from other types of industrial robots by its high speed of working movements and is used for packaging, sorting, assembling and moving products.

A team of programmers and mathematicians has developed their own software for controlling the device, taking into account the specifics of each operation (packing, sorting, assembling, moving). SAGA is also actively working to solve the problems of dependence on the supply of Western components. Achieving the maximum possible share of Russian local content is the main objective of the project.

An important advantage of the SRD-02 delta robot will be its small installation area. This will make it possible to cover a large service area in conditions of high density of installation of industrial equipment in the working zone, while at the same time maintaining a high speed of work.

At the request of customers, the device can be equipped with any tool.

Source: The SAGA Corporation press relations service

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