23 May 2023

Austrian maker debuts SCO kiosk


Shopreme, a Graz, Austria based provider of self-checkout solutions, introduced its shopreme matrix self-checkout kiosk scheduled to go into operation this year, according to a press release.

Customers can scan items using their phone and pay using a payment card.

Retailers can adapt the system to their requirements, choosing from options such as basket and bagging shelves, impulse purchase grids, colors and the software's UI/UX.

Customers can print a QR code to download a digital receipt instead of a paper receipt.

The kiosk incorporates an age verification process using a dedicated employee app which can be completed remotely for self-checkout customers.

An algorithm selects baskets for spot checks based on predefined parameters and customer events. By analyzing factors such as basket value, high-risk products or locations and scanning behavior, it identifies potential risks and prompts store employees to perform an inspection.

With a one-time integration, retailers can equip stores with the shopreme kiosk, the shopreme scan-and-go and the shopreme exit terminals.

The kiosk supports weight and bundle units, products with deposits, age-restricted products and more.

Source: Kiosk Marketplace

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