SAGA S-200.32-GC

SAGA S-200.32-GC

The gift card vending machines have wide implications: shopping malls, clothing, cosmetics, perfumery, electronics, banks etc. A stylish design of these machines offer wide opportunities for branding and fits perfectly into any modern interior environment.

The card vending machines offer a possibility to debit any amount of money to the gift card account (within certain limitations). In addition, any form of payment is possible: ready cash and bank cards (chip cards and proximity cards).

A customer gets the gift cards in a sealed envelope (a vendor may brand the envelopes).

The interactive interface provides the customer with an opportunity to get the comprehensive information about the capabilities of the gift card and the rules of its use.

The card vending machines are simple in installation, maintenance and bill collection.


  • 32 inch multi-touch screen;
  • PE technology;
  • control computer (basic);
  • thermal printer;
  • 500 W APC;
  • steel casing;
  • 1 cassette for 100 envelopes.

Additional options:

  • outfit for working with banking cards;
  • equipment for video recording of the transaction;
  • enlarged cassette for 200 envelopes.


  • weight about 150 kg (± 30 kg depending on the package);
  • width/height/depth: 530/1777/607 mm.