S-32 X1 informational

S-32 X1 informational

Combining sleek design, compact size and ease of maintenance, the S-32 series touchscreen kiosks fit perfectly into any modern design. In contrast to the classic range, the S-32 X1 info terminal can be equipped with a stainless steel baffle upon agreement with the customer.

The S-32 X1 sensor kiosk can be fitted with a 190 mm high baffle on the product's underside to protect it from the wheels and sides of grocery carts, luggage carts and pushchairs. The design is aesthetically pleasing and durable in use.

The S-32 X1 kiosk also has minimal dimensions (including depth), making it visually lighter and allowing it to be used in more compact spaces.

The basic unit is equipped with a thermal printer for outputting variable information on paper, as well as a barcode and QR code scanner. Combined with a baffle, these options enable the kiosk to be used in shops, pharmacies, clinics, canteens, transport facilities and other places where customers need to get quick reference information, print coupons, receive loyalty card information, and are also actively using trolleys, wheeled bags and prams.

One of the S-32 X1 features is the simplified way to change the thermal tape using a separate lock and slide-out shelf.

The S-32 X1 has a 32-inch vertical touch display with Full HD or 4K resolution, particularly suitable for displaying large amounts of information and providing vivid, detailed images.

In addition, the display can receive up to 32 simultaneous touches, allowing for image scaling and many other functions not available on single-touch screens.

The portrait camera, located behind the touchscreen display panel, identify users. With the Digital Signage software package pre-installation (on request), the camera opens up new horizons for retail.

The kiosk can be supplied with Windows or Android operating system pre-installed.

Configuration of the S-32 X1 data terminal:

  • 32" multi-touch monitor (using projection-capacitive technology), vandal-resistant tempered glass 6 mm thick is installed on the screen;
  • control computer (basic);
  • barcode and QR code scanner;
  • thermal printer;
  • portrait camera;
  • housing is made of stainless steel with a polyester powder coating.

Device dimensions:

  • screen diagonal: 32";
  • weight: about 60 kg;
  • height/width/depth: 1715/650/495 mm.

Additional options:

  • stainless steel baffle;
  • can come preloaded with Windows or Android operating system and Digital Signage software package.

With InforKiosk software you get the possibility to organise:

  • community liaison office;
  • product catalog;
  • reference system;
  • and many other solutions.

Possible applications of the S-32 X1 information kiosks:

  • small retail outlets, large retail chains and shopping and entertainment complexes;
  • catering and hospitality outlets;
  • medical facilities and pharmacies;
  • large transport hubs (airports, railway stations, etc.)