S-200.32 ticket

S-200.32 ticket

Now we are surrounded with a sophisticated world. It may be grey and comfortless, but also may delight the eye with the elegance of lines.

While developing the production range of the self-service devices for 2016, our industrial designers and engineers guided themselves by the tendencies of the electronic gadgets development.

This enabled them to embody in metal, glass and plastic the device that fits harmoniously into any modern styling.

Besides the aesthetic side, while developing, the specialists of our company faced the task to provide the modularity and operability of the new self-service device.

As a result, on the basis of the S-200 different modifications for wide range of business spheres were developed. Among them: banking, tickets, currency exchange, informational and others.

The S-200.32 is an ultimate solution for cinemas.


  • transactions with banking cards;
  • tickets printing.


  • sale of tickets with payment by bank card;
  • printing of the tickets bought via the internet.